Trick or Treat Paper Mache Bowl Craft

What’s Halloween without Trick-or-Treaters? And what do Trick-or-Treaters want? Candy! This paper mache bowl craft makes the perfect Preschool Halloween bowl for holding all that candy. You’ll want to create this Trick-or-Treat bowl craft a few days before Halloween, and devote an entire afternoon to this Preschool Halloween Craft to allow for drying time.

Materials You Will Need

Round balloon
White school glue
2 regular bowls
Poster paint (orange and black)
Disposable pie pans
Halloween stickers

How to Make It

Step 1:

Cut strips of newspaper. Spread remaining newspaper over the table to catch the messes.

Step 2:

Blow up a round balloon. Place it, tied end down, inside a bowl, using the bowl as a stand to hold the balloon upright.

Step 3:

Mix one part glue and one part water in another bowl. Have your preschooler dip each newspaper strip into the glue water, thoroughly covering each piece.

Step 4:

Cover the top half of the balloon completely with the sticky newspaper strips.

Tip: Place one long newspaper strip around the center of the balloon and tell your preschooler not to extend his/her strips beyond it.

Allow the glue to dry completely.

Step 5:

When the paper mache bowl is completely dry, lift the balloon from the bowl-stand. Snip off the tied end with scissors and allow the air to slowly escape from the balloon. Remove the balloon and discard.

Step 6:

Pour some orange and black poster paint into two separate disposable pie pans. Have your preschooler paint the bowl to his/her liking. Allow to dry.

Step 7:

When the paper mache bowl is completely dry, handsome Halloween stickers to your preschooler and let him/her place them around the outside of the bowl.

Fill the Trick or Treat Paper Mache Bowl Craft aside with Halloween candy to dispense to the neighborhood Trick-or-Treaters!