Unschooling Conferences – What and Where Is An Unschooled Conference

There are a lot of homeschool conferences available for you to choose to attend today.  However, you may be wondering, “What about unschool conferences?”  Regardless of the type of unschooling your family does, you should know that there are also conferences that are available for you to attend as well.

Unschoolers Winter Water Park Gathering Unschool Conference

The annual Unschoolers Winter Water Park Gathering is held each February.  For the past couple of years, it has been held at the Kalahari Waterpark Resort and Convention Center in Sandusky, Ohio (the largest indoor water park in the United States today).  There is no registration or registration fee required.  You only have to pay for transportation, food, and a hotel room, which is greatly discounted for conference guests.

Some of the speakers that have been in attendance at this unschooling conference include:

  1. John Taylor Gatto
  2. Laura Buoni
  3. Heather Burditt
  4. Debra Bures
  5. Zoa Conner
  6. Julie Cook
  7. Laura Flynn Endres
  8. Cindy Gaddis
  9. Jessie Voigts
  10. Broc and Gail Higgins
  11. Ben and Kelly Lovejoy
  12. Dayna Martin
  13. Cindy Murphee
  14. T.J. Phillips
  15. Demi Wirtz

East Tennessee Unschooled Summer Camp

A relatively new unschooling conference is the East Tennessee Unschooled Summer Camp (held in Johnson City, Tennessee).  This is a six-night summer camp that has been designed just for unschooled children who are between the ages of 13 and 18.

Here these unschoolers will get to participate in a lot of different activities such as sand casting, bonfires, swimming, rock climbing, kayaking, and dancing.  The cost for the event is $525 per child.  A 10% discount is offered to families who have more than one child attending the camp.  Included within this fee is food, workshop supplies, a camp directory, and a camp t-shirt.

Northeast Unschooling Conference

The 2010 Northeast Unschooling Conference will be held August 26th through 29th at the Sheraton Colonial Hotel in Wakefield, Massachusetts which is just north of Boston.

There are already several great presenters lined up for this year’s conference with Peter Gray, Ren Allen, Carise Blanton, Caroline Bays, Beth Toolan, Maureen Carey, Erika Davis-Pitre, Deb and Rick Rossing, and Julian

Baptista all scheduled to speak.

Depending on when you register conference fees are $45 to $65 per adult, $35 to $50 for children over the age of three, or $150 to $200 per family. There are no conference fees charged for grandparents or children under the age of three who are attending the conference.

LIFE Is Good NW Unschooling Conference

The LIFE Is Good NW Unschooling Conference is held over Memorial Day weekend in Washington State.  This isn’t as laid back as a lot of the other unschooling conferences are.

Instead, there is more of a conference atmosphere here with both vendors and speakers in attendance.  There will also be lots of fun things to do too like a talent show, fun shops, a Barefoot Boogie dance and an UNtrepreuneurial Fair whereby unschooled children will be able to sell items that they have made themselves.

The cost of this conference depends upon when you register.  It can range from $55 to $65 per adult, $40 to $50 per child and $175 to $200 per family.  Grandparents and children under 3 are free.  Scholarships are also available to families who would otherwise not be able to attend.  You will also have to stay overnight at the hotel but the rooms are deeply discounted too.

Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference

The Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference is another fairly new unschooling conference that is held in California in September.  There is a conference registration fee required that includes admission to all scheduled events.

These events include a welcome party, numerous fun shops, a talent show, a concert, a family fair (includes street performers, food, vendors and music) and a farewell dance.  Once again you will need to book a hotel room but they are deeply discounted.