Eight Preschool Holiday Crafts Must Haves

As the holidays rapidly approach, your preschooler will be looking forward to creating many wonderful holiday crafts. Make life easier for yourself and your preschooler and get organized! Whether you use a simple box or a colorful organizer, you’ll want to be sure to include these eight preschool holiday crafts essentials.


Whether you need plain school glue for paper products, tacky glue for binding solid items or permanent fabric glue for bonding fabrics, glue is a must for most preschool holiday crafts projects. Use white school glue in Gifts for Grandma Preschool Crafts, glue sticks in Christmas Tree Paper Cone Hats, tacky glue in the Touch and Feel Seasons Wallhanging and fabric glue in the Back to School Backpack Craft.


Just like glue, scissors are an essential tool for any preschool holiday craft project. And the options aren’t just “pointed” or “rounded” anymore. Safety scissors, scissors with oversized handles and scissors that make zigzags and waves are just a few of the options available for preschool holiday crafts. Use scissors in Gingerbread Man Ornaments and Three Little Kittens Mittens Ornaments.


Place under items to be glued or painted. Use for stuffing. Cut into strips and use for paper mache. Cut out retail ads and photos for collages and decorations. Wrap gifts in it. The uses for a newspaper are endless! Use newspapers in the Trick or Treat Paper Mache Bowl Craft and Preschool Alphabet Soup Craft.

Construction Paper

Construction paper is so colorful and versatile, it’s great for a multitude of preschool holiday crafts. Cut it, twist it, bend it and wrap it around stuff—construction paper is used in the New Year’s Preschool Hat and the Valentine’s Day Heart Collage.

Fabric Paint

With fabric paint, your preschooler can create imaginative, permanent artwork on fabric! T-shirts, canvas totes, cloth hats and more can be transformed with shiny, puffy, glittery and metallic fabric paint. Use fabric paint in the Stuffed Tummy Teddy Bear and Preschool Candy Cane Gloves.

Cookie Cutters

Trace with them, press them into playdough or use them to stamp out pretty designs—cookie cutters are an excellent addition to any preschool holiday crafts supply box. Use cookie cutters in the Preschool Halloween Trick or Treat Bag and Gingerbread Man Ornaments.

Pipe cleaners

Soft and flexible, pipe cleaners give preschoolers something to really get creative with! Bend into fun shapes or use them to attach things together, pipe cleaners are used in the Preschool Caterpillar Beanbag and the Flower Egg Carton Garden.

Felt squares

Colorful and fun to work with, felt squares give a soft texture to many preschool holiday crafts. And because they’re so inexpensive you can buy a rainbow of colors to keep in your preschool holiday crafts box. Use felt squares in the Kwanzaa Preschool Craft Outfit and the Preschool Spring Sunshine Purse.