Lightning Bug Jar – Party Craft

Spring has sprung and it’s time for the buggies to come out and play. Make a perfect little temporary home for your preschooler’s little bugs. Your preschooler will have a great time finding little friends to put into their fancy lightning bug jar.

Materials You Will Need

Quart Size Wide Mouth Canning Jar with Two-Part Lid (Ring and Seal)
Nylon Stocking
Craft Wire Or Pipe Cleaners
Glitter Glue

How To Make It

Step 1:
Take the ring from the jar lid, you will not need the seal. Slide the nylon over the ring, do not pull it taught. With the glue adhere the ribbon to the rim of the lid.

Step 2:
Using the glitter glue and stickers decorate the jar.

Step 3:
Wrap the craft wire or pipe cleaner around the jar, below the ridge, looping it over to make a handle.

Step 4:
Screw lid onto the jar. If the nylon is to tight it will run when you do this.

Helpful Tip For Parents

These are made with glass jars, so caution your preschoolers that they could break. Remind your preschooler that they can explore their new bug friends in the jar, but when they are done exploring them, to return them to the outside, because that is where bugs belong. The fun is that they can do it again the next time.