Preschool Flower Jewelry

Use flowers from your yard to make preschool flower jewelry using string, tape, and safety pins. If you don’t have any flowers in your yard suitable for preschool flower jewelry, ask permission to pick them in someone else’s or buy some inexpensive flowers at the florists. No flowers to be had? Make the jewelry with fall leaves instead. If you would like ones that last, you can use dried flowers.

Materials You Will Need:

Flowers or leaves or both
Double-sided masking tape
Yarn or thick string
A cocktail straw or straw-type coffee stirring stick to using as a needle, available at restaurant supply stores
Something for the adult to use to make holes in the flowers
Two rubber bands for the pin
Small paper doily for the pin
Large safety pin for pin

Flower Necklace or Crown

Step 1:
Make a hole in each flower so that it can be threaded, and then thread the yarn through the small straw of coffee stirring stick. (The parent should do this because it requires a knife or an ice pick.)

Step 2:
Place the end of the yarn at one end of the tube and suck it through.


Step 3:
Tape the end of the yarn to the tube so it won’t slip out. Let your preschooler string the flowers or leaves any way s/he likes.

If they want to make a crown, measure the size of the child’s head with a tape measure and make the length that will fit.

If your preschooler wants to make a flower necklace, s/he can make it any length.

Flower Pin

Step 1:
Gather a small bunch (3 or 4) of flowers. Put two or three leaves in the bunch for decoration. You can add a bit of fern, also, if you have it.

Step 2:
Bind them together with a rubber band.

Hummingbirds with LiliesStep 3:
Make a hole in the center of the small doily and put the stems through it. Bring it up to the bottom of the flowers and gather it with a second rubber band. This is decorative but it also forms a base.

Step 4:
Tape a large safety pin to the base. Pin it on.

Flower BraceletMagenta Gerbera

Wrap double-sided masking tape around your preschool child’s wrist. Put one on your own, also. Model for your preschooler sticking the flowers to the tape in a pattern, if you have more than one kind of flower, or alternating flowers and leaves if you have only one kind. Preschool wrists are small. You might let your preschooler put the flowers on your tape or put tape on legs as well to give them more space.

Tip: Not all preschoolers are ready to make patterns. If yours isn’t, let him/her do what s/he can.

Flower Earrings

Roll two pieces of tape into small tubes. Stick flowers or leaves on the tube. Stick the other side of the tape onto the earlobes.